Charity Networking

Networking which makes the difference

Many business owners today strive to be socially conscious. Building a successful business is as important to them as making a difference. However, this can often prove a challenge for small businesses. But what if you could network, access business experts, and make a difference to a charity all at the same time?

Charity Networking

Concerned by the challenges many small charities face after two years of intermittent lockdowns, Lesley Jones created a regular networking event which supports businesses while also raising awareness and funds for charities.

Build your business expertise

One of the greatest challenges for business owners is the need to develop knowledge and expertise across numerous areas, from marketing to accounts. In the early stages, outsourcing is unlikely to be possible, which means everything falls on your shoulders. Every Charity Networking Event includes a 30-minute interactive presentation from an expert, covering topics such as finance, lead generation and mental health.

Create new connections

Networking is not only an effective way to build new connections and develop relationships with other business owners, but it is an essential skill for entrepreneurs that have just crossed the threshold into the business world.  The Charity Networking Event takes place on Zoom, with two 20-minute sessions of networking in the breakout rooms.

Make a difference

Business supporting charities is a mutually beneficial concept to say the least. Charities need to raise awareness and funds and business owners are constantly searching for opportunities to demonstrate their services and grow connections. Lesley Jones has formulated the perfect opportunity for charities and businesses to get access to the resources that they need.  

The session includes a 15-minute presentation from the chosen charity’s CEO or founder. They share a brief history of the charity, what they offer, and how small business owners can support them. In addition, Lesley Jones covers the Eventbrite costs, so the charity can receive the full amount raised from ticket sales.

Get your ticket

The Charity Networking Event takes place every six weeks on Zoom with a different charity represented at each session. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for upcoming events. Alternatively, if you’re a business owner who would like to present on a business topic, or want to nominate a small charity, then get in touch.


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