Connect, collaborate, and cultivate

Running your own business is liberating and exhilarating. You’re the one in control and no two days are the same. But you’re also responsible for making all the decisions and must often handle challenges alone.


At Lesley Jones, we understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and the crucial role other businesses can play. With our Entrepreneur support, Lesley Jones provides monthly in-person networking sessions and one day training events. These ensure you not only have the support and knowledge you need, but that you can also connect with like-minded business owners.

Build your connections

As an entrepreneur, you have creative ideas and ambition. You’re enthusiastic to discuss these with like-minded people. But most of your friends and family don’t get it. Rather than spotting an opportunity, they only see the risk. But networking and training events offer you the chance to connect, and build relationships, with other entrepreneurs who understand.

Collaborate with other businesses

Entrepreneurs often require the services or products of other businesses, from the legalities of hiring a member of staff to seeking a supplier. It can feel like a minefield finding the right support. However, when you meet other business owners, you can seek recommendations, find the right people, and even build collaborations which will grow the success of your business.

Cultivate business expertise

Entrepreneurship is a learning curve like no other. As new challenges and opportunities arise, so does your need for knowledge and expertise. However, at Lesley Jones, our entrepreneur support ensures you get to cultivate the business expertise you need. Not only do you get access to Lesley Jones, but also a range of experienced guest speakers. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to join our monthly networking events or are interested in our training days, get in touch to find out more.

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