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How do we help you grow your business? We think our clients say it best. Discover how, in their own words, they have benefitted from working with Lesley Jones.

Joanne Reynolds

Lesley is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic business advisor who translates the 'boring / scary bit' of establishing a business into bite-size, manageable and interesting input.
Her support in helping me start my business has been invaluable, but best of all she gave me the confidence to realise that I could do it.

Paulina Rzepiel,
The Beaverhead Ltd

Lesley demonstrated a deep knowledge of her field and a natural ability to share her expertise clearly and comprehensively while listening closely. I would recommend Lesley to anyone who is looking for clarity and direction in their business.

Liz Goddard,
Executive Coach

It’s probably only 18 months ago that I first met Lesley and I’m so pleased I did. It’s rare that I don’t get some useful nugget(s) from our one to ones and I’ve found her Business Acceleration program invaluable. She calls herself a business mentor and she’s very good at it, but I think she offers much more than that.

Sharon Parker,
Business Owner

I’m a business owner, who decided to invest in Lesley Jones’ 12 week Business Acceleration Program as I recognised there were some ‘missing pieces’ of understanding and knowledge that I couldn’t quite ‘see’ or ‘grasp’. I had lots of ideas and wasn’t really getting the time or space to implement them. I was looking for accountability and support to move my ideas forward. Well, I got all this and more. Lesley led the group and myself through the essential structures of business and gave us the space to look at our own individual needs. If, you’re looking to advance your business financially, I highly recommend working with Lesley.

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