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Join the club, make connections and grow your business. Lesley Jones may be the company name, but it's about so much more than just one individual.


How it works

Help companies of all shapes and sizes

The company’s foundations are built upon the passion of Lesley Jones; an ex-Civil Engineer, who spent decades working in the Financial Services sector, implementing complex projects. Moving away from the corporate world, Lesley Jones built a unique business model to help companies of all shapes and sizes develop, grow, and to ensure business owners have a strategic exit for when the time is right.

Taking the pain out of growing a business

With a network of affiliates and associates across Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northamptonshire and northern London, Lesley and her team take the loneliness, confusion and often sheer stress away from running a business, by providing the right connections, learning, growth mindset training for business owners, and support needed at every stage of your business’ lifecycle.

Be a force for good

All this learning and knowledge is then fed back into the community through charity work, supporting schools and other organisations that benefit from the local business community – a true driver for the company and core to ethos of the Lesley Jones brand.


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Our Partners Find out more

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